About the Photographer

Hello, and welcome! I’m Michelle Duquette owner of Soul Light Photography. I am originally from the Northeast but have called San Diego home for over 10 years now and there is no where I would rather live! I enjoy getting out and taking in and everything beautiful San Diego has to offer whether it be running, swimming, Yoga, or simply a quiet walk along the beach observing subtle changes in the light and shadows as the day progresses.  

I grew up with a love and appreciation for art and took many art courses in college while also studying biology. My love and fascination with light drew me to focus on research using light in its many forms as a tool, from photographing fluorescing cells to probing biological questions with laser light.

A few years ago I felt something was missing so I decided to commit to further exploring my creative side via digital photography. I found that the art of photography allowed me to combine my knowledge of light, optics, and image processing with the creative emotive expression of the beauty and uniqueness found in nature and people. 

Most importantly I think a photograph should be expressive. Whether that be capturing a specific mood that filtered light will bring to a beachside scene following a storm, the unique personality of a child, or a feeling of peace that comes along with practicing Yoga outdoors. If you are interested in landscape photos or booking a session, or discussing your photography needs I would love to hear from you!